Treatment approaches in Istyna medical research center

  1. The staff of the center lives for truth, because we chose the Istyna name. And because our employees do not understand the rumors, discussions beyond the eye.
  2. In Istyna center nobody and never demeans the dignity of the patient and his relatives. Therefore we demand respect for cultural and ethical norms in relation to all employees of the center, regardless of their age.
  3. We aimed at full patients’ confidence to knowledge and skills of workers, despite the young age of most of them.
  4. Each patient has his own disaster. And so we need to be tolerant to patients, especially when they are in serious condition.
  5. The center’s staff is working under the slogan “All for the sake of the patient.” We try to show you the real way to cure your children and solve your problems and not complain to our problems (room service and provide the necessary equipment, continuity of treatment, drug supply, etc.). And so we ask you to solve your family and internal financial problems yourselves.
  6. In the interest of patient – continuity of treatment and strict compliance with all recommendations.
  7. We give the knowledge and the time to solve your problems. Thus the center has the right to refuse further treatment to unfair and dishonest patients.
  8. In critical and life-threatening conditions (disorder of brain function that are incompatible with life) center’s staff provides assistance only after the legal registration of the relevant documents on the status of the patient and written parental consent for medical intervention.

For other questions, please call or e-mail listed on the page “Contacts”