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History of success


April 10, 1996 Istyna scientific center was established for ultrasound medical diagnostic.

The purpose of the center – treatment of vascular and neurological diseases and develop new methods for ultrasound diagnostics.

Initially Istyna center performed only neurological examination and USDG of arteries and veins of the brain. Gradually the work was enlisted by psychologists, speech therapists, rehabilitators. It was purchased electroencephalograph with option for mapping the brain that provided the impetus for reflection on the problems in brain function in patients with complex diseases such as cerebral palsy, autism, seizures, epilepsy and so on, And in-depth study of these problems. Thus psychoneurological and vascular profiling center was formed.

 Subsequently Center experts interested in capillaroscopy, ultrasound diagnostics with the effect of colour-coding, the idea of certification of new-borns, medical aspects of juvenile crime and so on.

Further numerous mathematical modelling of drug effects on the human body in general and in particular on the vascular system.

In the new millennium Istyna has entered a new stage of its development – it introduced complex examination of the patient “from head to toe” with the aim of studying the state of the organism, structure and functional activity of its bodies. It was organized by the day care. There was a need to conduct daily analysis Consilia Supervision of patients. There were kinesitherapy halls, psychotherapy, psychological relief, neural and hemodynamic laboratories. Due to its active, fruitful and diverse scientific work Istyna center in 2008 changed its name to Veritas Research Center and transformed into a group of companies «Viktoria Veritas», which successfully implement copyright products of this research center.

Today Veritas Research Center focuses on the research work to improve methodologies and technologies in the field of cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment. The successful medical practice is carried out at the Clinic of Ulyana Lushchyk that works with innovative technologies developed by Veritas IT Med Center.

Why Choose Us

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    The know-how of Istyna

    The main competencies of our Istyna Centre are innovations in Angiology (vascular diagnostics and vascular treatment), Neuropsychiatry (integrated approach to severe and combined pathologies of the nervous system), Neurodynamics (research and restoration of brain function), Neurorehabilitation (medication to evidence-based and individual rehabilitation treatment plan lessons according to result- recovery).

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    Came sick – out healthy.

    It has long been a tradition in Istyna – cooperation with the patient and his relatives on the principle of mutual trust. This is the beginning of our first encounter and with adequate relationships it develops into a long-term friendship, family and the family trust. We have long seen – only with the full confidence of the patient and his family doctor and medical staff even terminally ill, we have a chance to recover back to life to restore faith in life, the desire for life and the joy of life return.

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    Proper medical technologies

    Neurorehabilitation – a new direction, which we launched in Ukraine. With the perfect blend Research Center as a carrier of fresh knowledge and clinics as a tool to implement these knowledge and skills, managed to create individual techniques restore the nervous system by combining the medicinal effects to restore nervous system and blood supply, personalized complex of doctors, rehabilitation team and the medical staff under the guidance of a scientific supervisor – Ulyana B. Lushchyk, MD.

Istyna on the turn of the millennium: 1996-2008

Istyna Research Center has launched its clinic, which was an unchanged satellite innovative development for the benefit of patients. Over its 12-year history (1996-2008) Istyna has formed a medical cluster, which now brings together Veritas Research Center, Clinic of Healthy Vessels, Centre for Innovative medical technologies and Medinno unit training and technology transfer. Therefore, Istyna is the parent company that created the intellectual framework for the development of a group of companies «Victoria Veritas”.

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