Meteodependence as a sign of pre-disease of organism

Meteorological sensitivity, meteopathy as signs of systemic dysfunction of the organism

As long as human civilization has existed, so long has the human body been under the direct influence of changes in the meteorological factors of the planet Earth, the Moon and other planetary influences.


Thirty years ago, scientists noticed that critical conditions for deteriorating health – strokes, heart attacks are more common during periods of worsening weather conditions. Over time, there have been reports of deaths from heart failure during thunderstorms, increased suicide episodes during strong wind gusts, and significant deterioration in health during the full moon.

What is the reason for such insecurity of our body from changes in meteorological factors?

From the moment of the origin of life in utero, the fetal organism adapts to the conditions of planetary existence – the magnetic field, the force of gravity, the influence of the Moon and others.

In such conditions, all systems of a living organism are formed and adapted to independent existence.

As a result, the newborn organism is already adapting to life on Earth as an independent autoregulatory system. If the bookmark of the body was normal, after birth the body goes through all the stages of functional maturation of organs and systems, while adapting to the conditions of earthly existence. The period of adaptation and instability of the systems is associated with the constant growth of children and adolescents, when all systems are “tightened” in proportion to the growth and development of the young organism. That is why children and adolescents often complain of discomfort when changing weather conditions. As a rule, these are headaches, nosebleeds, instability of blood pressure, pulse, sleep disturbances, dizziness, etc. In fact, arising from the change of weather (even 1-2 days before the change of weather) indicates meteorological sensitivity, as a variant of insecurity of a living organism from the effects of environmental conditions.

In fact, normally a living organism enters the phase of stabilization of organs and systems during the period of stop of growth. This period is the most favorable for the normal functioning of a healthy body, when all body systems work in harmony in a certain range of norms of all parameters. This state is considered ideal for autonomous control of the organism as a living system, which has its own clear parameters of synchronized operation of all organs and systems and does not depend on internal and external stimuli.

If the system is unstable, has certain deviations in parameters that exceed the normal range, the body is unable to function adequately in the background of stable weather and manifests itself as background dysfunctions such as instability of the heart, vascular system, psychoneurological instability, dysfunction of other organs and systems.

It is for such background unbalanced organisms that a sudden change in meteorological factors becomes a crisis, because the body is not ready to adapt to normal indicators of various environmental factors, and a sudden change in any environmental factors puts the body in a state of uncontrollability – chaos with sudden synchronization. As a result, the living organism loses control over self-regulation and can go into a state of critical chaos, when resuscitation measures are not able to restore vital functions.

These conditions are called meteopathic reactions that can lead to irreversible defects in the work and structure of the body – rupture of blood vessels (hemorrhage), vascular occlusion (heart attack, stroke), vascular thrombosis and thromboembolism, various arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation, ventricular arrest (inability to continue to function) vital organs – heart, lungs, brain, kidneys.

If you have symptoms of weather sensitivity or meteopathy?

The ideal option is to identify the provoking factor and restore adequate functioning of a system of the body.

To begin with, you can take the test yourself and orient yourself in the severity of your meteopathic reactions. We have a short questionnaire for our patients:

Next is an instrumental examination to establish your individual imbalances:

Only after identifying all your problems you can start treatment and gradually direct your unbalanced reactions of the body to the range of normal parameters of life.

And the last step – stabilization of the reached normal parameters for the purpose of prevention of repeated failure in your life support system of an organism.

Meteopathy is a threat to health and quality of life in an unstable weather situation.

When meteorological sensitivity turns into meteopathy?

Today, meteorological sensitivity is a sign of impaired autoregulation of the body. Normally, our body is a self-organized and self-regulating system, protected by certain mechanisms from environmental changes. When this protection is lost, the provoked organism connects to pathological patterns of reaction (weather sensitivity). If there is chaos inside the body, it is unable to control itself under background conditions. Such an unbalanced organism with a sudden change in environmental conditions loses control over its own body, the systems go into an unpredictable mode of uncontrolled chaotic existence with possible defects in its various systems up to stroke, heart attack or sudden death during thunderstorms, storms, seismic activity.

I analyze yesterday’s thunderstorm with lightning, wind, hail near Kyiv.

Last week turned out to be rainy, with constantly rising clouds, which were quickly replaced by clearing with the sun and repeated rain. This meteorological situation is unfavorable for patients with vascular, cardiological and neurological profiles. We have learned to deal with this and have some positive developments in weather sensitivity and meteopathy:

Yesterday’s thunderstorm was “predicted” by only 1 of our patients, whose relatives reported about his seizure … 5 hours before the meteor storm in Kyiv. The seizure developed against the background of a 3-month positive non-seizure period after treatment. A powerful thunderstorm at 9 pm provided comprehensive answers to this situation.

On the problem of pathological meteorological reactions, their diagnosis and ways of correction, IstynaVeritas Research Center, headed by Acad. of ATN of Ukraine, MD Ulyana Lushchyk has been working for more than 20 years. The creation of an analytical meteorological station can be effective prevention and for doctors in intensive care units…/innovatsiyna…/meteolaboratoriia/